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The History of Triple T 103.9

At Triple T, we cherish our long history and the strong foundation it provides for our story. Since our start in 1982, we've kept records and saved newspaper articles, helping us track our growth over the years.

It's been over 40 years since our first broadcast, and we've had many celebrations and successes along the way that have brought us to where we are today. Take a look at some of our historical documents below.


A 10-part documentary series focusing on the untold stories of regional community radio, starting with Tropical Townsville’s Triple T FM. One of Queensland’s oldest regional community radio stations, Triple T had to fight for its right to broadcast. Hundreds of kilos of paperwork and thousands of volunteer hours weren’t enough, it took a bunch of coconuts sent to the Minister in Canberra to finally get Triple T on the air. Hosted by community radio researcher, Bridget Backhaus, this series unearths some of the weird and wonderful stories from the Triple T archives.


A big thanks goes out to Ray Hurle  for his efforts in documents the history of the station. 

This history was sourced from correspondence, News paper articles, board and station minutes, program guides, ASIC and Station memorabilia. 

Designed by Scott Timmins in 2016 and updated by Triple t in 2022.

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